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The go-to resource on Long Island for partnering with local businesses for boosting their business online.

I've worked with the biggest brands:

But my true 🖤 is Local!

I have spent the last 15 years helping some of the biggest brands build their online presence. Then in 2020 when the pandemic took a massive toll on many small businesses in my community, my passion became helping local businesses not only survive but thrive in this accelerated everything online world.

Schedule Your Free No Strings Attached Digital Marketing Consulting Call

You might be thinking this is a sales call.

I promise you this is not a sales call. 

This is a free one-on-one consultation where we will take inventory of where you are with your digital marketing, website, and contenting marketing efforts for your business.

We will get clear on where you want to go, and we’ll build a bridge on how you’re going to get there.

At the very least you’ll come away with actionable recommendations that you can take to improve your online presence.

3 Different Ways I Can Help You


Web Design

I have designed, built, and maintained thousands of websites for local businesses, fortune 500s, and everything in between. I will build a new one for your business or redesign and optimize your existing one to make your business stand out so it converts more visitors to customers.


I have designed, built, and maintained thousands of websites for solo entrepreneurs, local businesses, fortune 500s, and everything in between.

I love building sites. But I especially love building them for small businesses to help bring their story online.

Creating a website can seem daunting and complicated. But it really isn’t. 

I will simplify the process and take charge of every aspect of building your site. I will come up with a plan that makes sense for your business.

Then my team will get to work building a site that perfectly represents your business and goals.


Content Marketing

Whether it’s social media management, branding, copywriting, content design, video, or email marketing. I will create a content strategy to best position your business and attract leads. And either I will create the various content pieces for you or guide your staff on how best to do so.

Besides being a web developer, I am also a blogger and writer and have background in graphic design. Creating captivating digital content is what I do.

I do it for my own businesses and I want to do it for you!

Content is the new branding. It is vital for the long-term success of any business whether a large corporation or a brick-and-mortar. 

I will create a content strategy for your business by leveraging various channels: social media, copywriting, video, email marketing, etc.

And then, either I will develop the content pieces for you or guide your team on how best to do so.


1:1 Tactical Consulting

I’ve been involved in nearly every aspect of web and digital marketing. By working together, I will guide your business on how best to position itself online on an ongoing basis. The arrangement and duration of which are completely up to you and based on your needs. I’m here to help your business grow!

Navigating the online marketing landscaping  can be overwhelming—especially when you have your full-time business to run. Bringing the pieces together in a way that makes sense for your business is where I can undoubtedly help you.

I’ve been involved in every aspect of web marketing from web development and content creation to SEO, design and branding.

By working together, I will take full inventory of your online presence, understand your business goals, come up with a plan to help get you there, and then execute it.

The arrangement and duration of the the partnership is completely up to you and based on your needs.

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Recent Collaborations & Projects

Client Testimonials

I am privileged to work and partner with some of the most incredible business people, individuals, and leaders serving and supporting our towns and communities.

I am grateful for the trust they have in me in supporting a small part of their business.

“From the first day, we hired Anthony our membership has noticed and appreciated the increased service being delivered. Anthony has exceeded our expectations and his service and commitment to quality show through with every task he undertakes. Without a doubt, the best decision we ever made for our organization.”

Ricardo Sanchez
General Chairman,
IBEW Local Union 589

“I wanted a nicely designed website that featured my skills as a writer. Anthony made my vision come to reality. It was a real pleasure working with him. He is always courteous, polite, and responsive. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants an efficient website that features your services or products. He will do a great job!”

David Messiha

“I can’t thank Anthony enough for always taking the most complex tasks and delivering a great product! We would be lost without his dedication to our business. It makes my job so much easier and I appreciate everything he does for our team. He is always willing to offer support, answer questions, and guide us.

Sarah Ferrel
Women in Action

“Anthony did a tremendous job building our new website and creating content for it! He is a consummate professional and a pleasure to deal with. The care and attention he devoted to our project really shows! He takes pride in his work and really cares about his clients. He is patient and always looking to help my team.”

Dominick Cervasi
Freedom Realty

“Anthony created a whole new exciting online presence for my salon business. The experience continues to be professional, efficient, and painless from beginning to end! I’d recommend Anthony to anyone for his professionalism and excellent work. He understands local businesses.”

Sandra Belko
Vibe Hair Studio

“Working with Anthony is a pleasure. It is one of the best decisions I ever made for my organization. He does a great job and doesn’t try to up-sell you on anything. If you need something done, he has a reasonable fee and he doesn’t play games with stretching out costs. He is always ready when I need him.”

Mike Sullivan
General Chairman
BRS Local 56

“I was referred to Anthony by another satisfied client of his. She had nothing but amazing things to say about him. I was hoping he could do the same for me and that’s exactly what he did. Now I have a great digital strategy in place, and my business is beginning to grow.”

Juma Harris
Creative Entrepreneur

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